Environmental Practice and Policy

Environmental Practice and Policy

This is serves as a rolling documentation of practices already in place, in both my arts practice and domestic life, together with points of action.


What I do already

I don’t throw anything away unless I really have to:

Paper gets re-used and re-formed

Use every last drop of paint

Another persons trash is another’s treasure – I take things back to the studio that other people are throwing away and save textile scraps and personal objects. I see form, or function or a personal connection that inspires an art work. Old phone cases, BBQ lids or broken belts.

What I need to do next

Make my own oil pastels (I have been kindly donated an oil pastel making machine)

Make my own charcoal

Find a sustainable way of fixing charcoal


What I do already

Ecover for half of cleaning products
Buy cotton washing up cloths and re use
Cut up raggedy T Towels with to make washing up cloths
Freeze left over food
Use bamboo cotton buds
Grow my own herbs

What I need to do next

Sow seeds in the spring for a salad crop next year


I don’t drive so mostly use Public Transport (although lifts/ taxi’s are often needed to inaccessible places and carrying heavy supplies) Walk, walk, walk.