Projects and Events

Projects and Events

Performance Drawing as Lead Artist at Work in Progress, NN Contemporary Art, January 2019

Inspirator for Performance: Portico Quartet ‘RGB’

Resultant Work from Performance Drawing – ‘RGB, Portico Quartet’
Fabriano on Paper
Work in Progress Meeting, Project Space, NN Contemporary Art
(Photo Credit Valeria Medici)

Live Drawing at the ‘Pit Firing – Wild Sharing’ Event held at Fermynwoods Contemporary Art with Ceramicist Nita Nathwani

Charcoal (made at Fermynwoods) on Wallpaper

Photo Credits

Live Drawing: thanks to Nita Nathwani, Sophie Cullinan and Clare Abbatt.

Live Drawing and Performance at the ‘Afterlives’ workshop at Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, with Helen Stratford

‘Tracing Days’
Charcoal and stickers on paper
Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, 31st March, 2018

The drawing began as an instinctual response to our investigations on the day of our relationship to this particular environment -Sudborough Green Lodge, Fermynwoods’ centre for Education and Research and how we would map this relationship. Some participants had only established a relationship that day, whereas mine had developed over the last six years. Sudborough Green Lodge is embedded within my psyche, I have a deep and profound bond with this unique and special place.

The drawing grew out from an epicentre. In my mind, this was the kitchen. I began to trace the rhythm, the repetitive movements that I make each time I am there on a Thursday and Friday. On these days I am with our students, who are on our Alternative Education programme. My movements extend out from the kitchen, into the workroom, out to the garden, into the marquee, around the cottage, into the woods, up the track and along the road back home. Narratives of past events informed my marks, and created pockets of focus as the map began to expand across the paper.

We were to each present our work. There was no other way to do this other than as a performance. I took the drawing outside into the rain, which was collecting into pools within the pockets of charcoal. What happened next was a stream of consciousness, an out pouring, a confessional, as I guided this most intimate of audiences around a map of one of my most intimate of relationships.

This performance was not filmed or recorded. Afterwards, the drawing was taken inside and burned in the fire.

Photo Credits: Jessica Harby and Helen Stratford